Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Events

AFHCAN hosts a series of video conference presentations as well as providing space for scheduled video conference calls. The AFHCAN conference room has video conference capability and is used for small and large group sessions. The small video conference room is designed for one-on-one administrative, educational or patient sessions.

Visual Communication Staff

Tom Elmore
Visual Communication Administrator
Phone: 907-729-3910
Cell: 907-952-3986

Tom has been an Alaskan resident for over 15 years. Tom started his career in 1992 working in Public Broadcasting Engineering at KYUK in Bethel, Alaska and traveling around the state supporting smaller public broadcasting radio station outlets. Tom has worked for the North Slope Borough School District (NSBSD) as the Telecommunications Manager and Technology Coordinator overseeing the WAN and Video Teleconferencing networks. After 8 years with the NSBSD, Tom moved to Anchorage and spent 5 years overseeing the GCI SchoolAccess network, which supports rural schools throughout the state. He also supported VTC for the State of Alaska, Telehealth and commercial customer accounts. Tom has had many interesting and unusual video teleconferencing experiences including a wedding over VTC and several linkups between the NASA Space Shuttle and International Space Station and Alaskan students.