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Moving Telehealth Forward


AFHCAN Telehealth Solutions started in Alaska in 1998 to bring better access to health care to rural locations. AFHCAN created tConsult, a store and forward solution, that is available worldwide to fulfill your Telehealth needs

Users have a choice of two different interfaces when working with tConsult:

tConsult Cart Client
Simple interface focused on capturing
Touchscreen compatible
tConsult Web Client
Quick access to cases for easy consulting
No installation required

tConsult connects providers to patients in remote locations and is designed to work across varied network topologies to make telehealth just work.

EHR Connect
Partner Connect

Providers capture encounter information into a telehealth case. The telehealth case contains the patient demographics, provider notes, and attachments such as digital camera images or the results of an EKG.
Telehealth cases can be sent to any provider in your tConsult network.

Getting information from medical devices and peripherals is now easy. The tConsult Cart software was designed to allow staff with minimal clinical background and training to quickly capture.

For seamless device interaction, providers can use tConsult with the AFHCAN telemedicine cart.

Providers will receive an email notification with a link to a telehealth case and can track their outstanding workload via the inbox in tConsult Web. Cases can be sent to groups of providers or directly to a single provider. Users have easy access to billing and coding features, workflow, and customizable electronic forms to make responding to a telehealth case quick and easy.